Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Sexually transmitted diseases

are called as STDs in short, these are infections which are transmitted by having sex with an infected partner. The cause of STDs are usually of bacterial, fungal or viral origin.

According to U.S. National Library of Medicine there are more than 20 types of STDs. The common in them are as follows









Siddha system of medicine offers treatment for most of the diseases which are incurable by allopathy system of medicine. Traditional siddha medicine uniquely designed by us have been creating wonders by  curing chronic patients with Sexually transmitted diseases.

Common symptoms of STDs are eruptions and rashes over genital region, burning micturition, foul smelling discharge, painless sores, etc.

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At Sakthi’s Hospital And Research Center we offer 100% guarantee in the treatment of all sexually transmitted diseases with our siddha and ayurveda medicines.

Siddha Treatment for permanent cure of Herpes Simplex 

Siddha Ayurveda treatment for permanent cure to HIV/AIDS


Kidney Failure Treatments

Siddha medicine for renal(kidney) failure patients undergoing dialysis

Sakthi’s Hospital And Research Center offers special siddha ayurveda medicines for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Renal failure to overcome dialysis. There are many causes for impaired kidney function of which diabetes and hypertension are prominent and they often co-exist. Kidney failure is divided into two general categories, acute and chronic. Acute kidney failure is mostly temporary while in chronic kidney disease, the kidneys normally do not heal.



In these cases when kidneys fail to function properly or ceases to function metabolic wastes goes high in blood causing person feel symptoms like swelling of ankles, feet or hand, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting ultimately making a person feel sick. In order to get rid of metabolic waste from dialysis is done.

This process of dialysis has to be repeated frequently in CKD and ESRD(End Stage Renal Disease) patients to eliminate waste from blood. And this again is a painful procedures which involves fixing of fistula in the arm and preparing patient for dialysis.

The special siddha medicines which we offer rejuvenates kidney and activates them to perform their function and cleanses the blood. There by reduces Serum Creatinine, blood urea and other related parameters. Ultimately transforming non functional kidney of renal failure patient to a active one. In the process the infections in the kidney are also controlled drastically.

Ayuvedic Hair Growth Oil

Ayurvedic hair growth oil
Ayurvedic hair growth oil

Ayurvedic hair growth oil


Sakthi’s Hospital And Research Center launches the all new improved ayurvedic hair growth oil packed with the flavonoids of amla, neem, karisalai and other indian traditional ayurvedic herbs.

The oil enhances nourishment of the hair growth follicles thereby preventing hair loss. Also it checks and prevents dandruff and and hair fall assosiated with it. And finally it stimulates growth of new hair follicles and prevents baldness.

The cost of the oil is INR 650 per 200 ml pack. One pack will be sufficient enough for the month. And the results can be obtained within 15 days. For customised hair care treatments contact mobile: 09-09-291-5154.

HIV/AIDS Preventive medicine

According to ancient siddha and ayurvedic literature there existed medicines which prevented humans from being affected from fatal and violent spreading epidemic and pandemic diseases. These were called by the name called KAYAKALPAM. There two types of kayakalpam based on their functionality as Genaeralised Kayakalpam and specialized Kayakalpam. The generalized kayakalpam is usually for general and overall wellness. And the special kayakalpam acts over the cells rectifying injured and damaged cells there by curing the diseases and preventing being affected by diseases.

Thus based on these literary resources we have developed specialized kayakalpam which helps prevents the body cells from being infected with HIV and thereby preventing AIDS. The preventive medicines will be available to public from 2015.

For more details about treatment contact Dr. K. A. Santhosh Selvam, Project Director, Sanjeevanam, Sakthi’s Hpospital And Research Center, Chennai at 09092915154.

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Siddha Medicine for Reducing Weight (Obesity)

Sakthi’s Hospital And Research Center is happy to announce the launch its new range of products towards the weight loss segment. To mark the third anniversary of our online services we are launching the India’s first weight loss product based on a traditional siddha formulation. The main highlights of the product is that there is no diet restriction nor any requirement of heavy workouts.


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Obesity and its associated diseases are now one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Despite the scale of this problem, successful preventative and treatment options for overweight and obesity remain limited. India is following a trend of other developing countries that are steadily becoming more obese. A bad diet is not the only thing that causes obesity. But it is one of them. In addition, if you don’t get enough exercise on a regular basis, obesity may be in your future.


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For details about the weight loss packages feel free to contact us.

Dr. K. A. Santhosh Selvam M.S.

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Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment Of Scars

Much of the research relating to the effects of the PDL on scars has been led by Dr Tina Alster in Washington, DC. She noted (Alster et al, 1993) that the PDL was able to alter argon laser-induced scars, which are often erythematous and hypertrophic. By using optical profilometry measurements she demonstrated a trend toward more normal skin texture as well as reduction in observed erythema. This work was extended to the treatment of erythematous and hypertrophic scars (Alster and Williams, 1995) using objective measurements; clinical appearance (colour and height), surface texture, skin pliability and pruritus could all be improved.

It is not known how the PDL improves the appearance of hypertrophic and keloidal scars. Microvascular damage may effect collagen or collagenase activity within the scar. Thermal damage to abnormal collagen within the hypertrophic scar may allow remodelling, and reduction in endothelial cell volume can affect type V collagen, which is increased in hypertrophic scars (Hering et al, 1983). Mast cell alterations after laser irradiation may also be of importance.

Although established hypertrophic scars can respond to treatment, early treatment of scars within the first months might prevent hypertrophy in individuals who are keloid-prone. I have certainly seen the benefits of early PDL treatment of excised recurrent keloids (Smith, Lanigan and Murison, unpublished observations). In a group of 11 patients treated in this way, none had a recurrent keloidal scar. Treatment at 6.5-7.5Jcm2 with a 5mm spot or 6-6.75Jcm2 with a 7mm spot is usually used. Treatment is repeated at 6- to 8- weekly intervals depending on clinical response. Keloidal scars require multiple treatments and the response is unpredictable. There may be additional benefits from using newer PDL with wavelengths of 590 or 595 nm but there is no published work to confirm this.

Alster’s work has been confirmed by Dierickx et al (1995), who treated 15 patients with erythematous/hypertrophic scars and obtained an average improvement of 77% after an average of 1.8 treatments. Goldman and Fitzpatrick (1995) also treated 48 patients with similar laser parameters. Scars less than 1 year old did better than those more than 1 year old and facial scars did better there was an 88% average improvements, with total resolution in 20% after 4.4 treatments. Similar results were also seen in erythematous and hypertrophic facial acne scars by Alster and McMeekin (1996). Combinations of CO2¬ and PDL treatment of hypertrophic non-erythematous scars have also shown additional benefit of the PDL compared to the CO2 laser alone (Alster et al, 1998).

For persistent scars combinations of intralesional corticosteroid injections, steroid impregnated tapes and laser therapy may be necessary (Sawcer et al, 1998).

More recent work by Manuskiatti et al (2001) showed improvement in scarring following treatment with the pulsed dye laser at varying fluences of 3, 5 and 7 Jcm-2. There was a trend for lower fluences to show most improvement and multiple treatments were required.

Two studies have compared the effects of pulsed dye laser treatment with other treatment modalities, particularly intralesional steroids. Alster (2003) compared pulsed dye laser treatment alone with laser therapy combined with intralesional corticosteroid treatment. Both treatment arms produced improvement in scars and there was no significant difference between the two treatments. Manuskiatti and Fitzpatrick (2002) compared scar treatment with intralesional corticosteroids alone or combined with 5-fluorouracil or 5-fluorouracil alone or the pulsed dye laser using fluences of 5 Jcm-2. All treatment areas were improved compared to baseline, there was no significant difference in treatment outcome compared to method of treatment. The highest risk of adverse sequelae occurred in the corticosteroid intralesional group. They concluded that treatment with intralesional corticosteroid alone or in combination with 5-fluorouracil or 5-fluorouracil alone and pulsed dye laser treatment are comparable.

Other studies however, have failed to demonstrate substantial effects of the pulsed dye laser on scars (Allison et al 2003; Paquet 2001; Whittenberg et al 1999;). Paquet assessed laser treated scars using remittance spectroscopy. Although a discrete decrease in redness of the scars was reported clinically this was not confirmed by objective data. Whittenberg et al, in a prospective single blind randomized controlled study compared laser treatment with silicon gel sheeting and controls. Although there was an overall reduction in blood volume and flow and scar pruritis over time, there were no differences detected between the treatment arms and the control groups. Allison et al, treating old and new scars with the pulsed dye laser with fluences of 5 to 6 Jcm-2 were unable to demonstrate any statistical differences between treatment and control by photographic assessments nor surface profile measurements. However, they did notice a significant improvement in scar pruritis in the active group compared with the controlled group.

In conclusion, there are now multiple studies assessing the effects of the pulsed dye laser in the treatment of scars. Although results are conflicting, particularly when controlled studies are performed, it would appear that in some cases laser therapy can be beneficial in the treatment for scars. It is likely that redness and pruritis are the two parameters that are most likely to significantly improve with this treatment.

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Can My Herbal Supplements Affect Me?

Unknown fact for the majority of people is that everyday foodstuff and grassy appendices can and co-operate really with popular treatments of the prescription. I have become interested, while talking with my Pharmacist that my son could not take cold treatment agent with its warm treatment. Well, I knew about interactions between two narcotics but when the Pharmacist has told me that he could not have some grapefruit juice, I have been stunned. It seems that grapefruit juice enlarges concentration of a blood preparation. Basically it means that it very much enlarges effects of a preparation which could lead to a treatment overdose. It is everyday juice of grapefruit! It has forced me asking a question about the other everyday foodstuff and Grasses which we take. Lower there are some foodstuffs and Grasses which have effect on your treatments.

This list is the main and important aspect, and it is not intended to avoid your Doctor or Pharmacist. Ask for advice and have a talk with them about any treatments which you take and also foodstuff and Grasses which will co-operate with them. Though I took this information from an advertising leaf from local Hospital, use this information at my own risk. Again, I am not the Doctor or the Pharmacist, and I had no medical training so please consult with yours behind the additional information.

People usually ask, whether Grassy appendices change a way of their work as medicines released under the prescription. The answer is YES!
Some treatments never should be undertaken with Grassy appendices. Some can cause undesirable by-effects or force treatment to stop to work for their full effect.

Other wrong representation about appendices is that they are completely safe because they are natural. Yes, they can be from factories, but they are not natural for your body. Grassy appendices are not checked up or examined as medicines released under the prescription, checked up, thus appendices change on quality and force from a pill to a pill and a bottle to a bottle.

In the same way as appendices, foodstuff can change a way to which your body answers to treatments. One example is juice of grapefruit. Many people do not know that grapefruit juice can enlarge levels of a preparation of certain treatments. The augmentation of levels also will enlarge preparation by-effects.

Things to Remember

1. Grassy appendices and foodstuff can change a way of your work of treatments.
2. To tell your caregiver what Grassy appendices you take and also what foodstuff you eat often.
3. To ask your Doctor or Pharmacist, what Grassy appendices or foodstuff will co-operate with your treatments.
4. Always have the conversation with your Doctor or Pharmacist AT FIRST taking any Grassy appendices.

Be attentive using grassy supplements, ask your doctor for advice!

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In addition, I would like to give some general tips. Currently the Internet technologies provide us with a really unique chance to select exactly what one needs for the best price on the market. Strange, but most of the people don’t avail themselves of this opportunity. In real practice it means that you must use all the tools of today to get the products that you need.

For instance search Google and other search engines for Herbal Cures. Visit social networks and have a look on the accounts that are relevant to your topic. Go to the niche forums and participate in the online discussion. All this will give you a real chance to make a wise and nicely balanced decision.

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Consuming Dietary Supplements Wisely

The diet is added to be in good and healthy stay. With very many accessible appendices of a diet and very many demands made about their benefits of health how can the consumer decide what is safe and effective? This fact sheet provides the general short review of dietary appendices, discusses safety treating and offers sources for the additional information.

The key specifies on Federal instructions for dietary appendices very much differ from those for the prescription and off-exchange narcotics. For example, the dietary manufacturer of the appendix should not prove safety of a product and efficiency before it is sold.

If you think of using the dietary appendix, at first receive the information on it from reliable sources. Keep in mind that dietary appendices can co-operate with treatments or other dietary appendices and can contain the components which have been not listed on a label.

Tell your suppliers of public health services about any additional and alternative methods that you use, including dietary appendices. Give them a full picture of what you do to control your health. It will help to guarantee the coordinated and safe care.

The top about dietary appendices! The Diet Appendices have been defined in the law which transfers the Congress in 1994, named the Dietary Law on Health Appendix Formation.

According to the law, the dietary appendix is a product that is intended to be added to the diet containing one or more dietary components (including the vitamins, useful minerals, grass or another botanicals, amino acids and assured other substances) or their elements intended to be taken in forms of a tablet, a capsule, a powder, soft gel, gel cap or the liquid marked as being the dietary appendix.

Grassy appendices are one type of the dietary appendix. A grass is a factory or factory part (type of leaves, colors or seeds) which is used for its aroma and-or therapeutic properties. “Botanical” is often used as a synonym for “grass”. The grassy appendix can contain a unique grass or admixtures of grasses.

Research has shown that some uses of dietary appendices are effective in prevention or treating of illnesses. Research also has made some promising results offering that other dietary appendices can be useful for other conditions of health, but in most cases, additional research is necessary before steady conclusions can be made.

Head Dietary Use of the Appendix in the United States! The national review spent in 2007 has found that 17.7 percent of the American adults used “natural products” (that is dietary appendices except vitamins and minerals) for last 12 months.

Head Federal Adjustment of Appendices of the Diet! The Federal government regulates dietary appendices through the American Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA). Instructions for dietary appendices are not the same as those for the prescription or off-exchange narcotics. In general, instructions for dietary appendices are less strict.

The manufacturer should not prove safety and efficiency of the dietary appendix before it is sold. Such demand should be accompanied by words “This statement has not been estimated by the American Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, survey, cure or to prevent any illness.”

Demands for GMPs came into force in 2008 for the big manufacturers and are gradually entered for small manufacturers in 2010. If FDA finds that the product is dangerous, it can take measures against the manufacturer and-or the distributor and can let out the prevention or demand a product which will be removed from the market.

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