Dr. Santhosh Selvam

About Dr. Santhosh Selvam

Having been engulfed in the research for developing traditional Siddha Medicine, Dr. Santhosh Selvam has dedicated his life for the humanitarian cause- relieving the pain and help others live a happy and healthy life. This journey began back in 2010 when Dr. Selvam was pursuing his post graduation at the prestigious S.R.M. School of Public Health (Chennai). Since then, he has helped numerous patients to live a life they always wished for. Adding to his unceasing achievements, he has been board-certified by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), Delhi and the Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council (TSMC), with a post-graduation in Clinical Research.

In the year 2008, while expanding his reach into the field of medicines by pursuing medical graduation, Dr. Selvam commenced with SiddhaQuest.com. This step was taken to promote the Traditional Siddha Medicine (TSM) and cure patients via the magic of siddha medicinal herbs and the science behind it.

It comes as no surprise that by the year 2014, Dr. Selvam had developed several special medicines for the treatment of numerous illnesses/ diseases such as Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, Dust Allergy, Sinusitis, Cancer, Anxiety/Depression, Appendicitis and Obesity, to mention a few. Not only this, but during the year 2012, he also developed a stable and single dosage formulation for the treatment for Jaundice (icterus).

With this, one can decipher the true meaning of sacrifice and dedication towards making a million lives better and giving a whole new reason to live for many. Dr. Santhosh Selvam developed Traditional Siddha Medicine not only with the thought of improving the health of the entire mankind, but to ensure that the patients are given utmost care, be it physical, emotional or mental spheres like no other medical institution can provide. For more details or to cure that continual suffering you’re going through, you may contact Dr. Santhosh Selvam at 0909-291- 5154 or write an email at siddhaquest@gmail.com and your query will be resolved soon.