HIV/AIDS Hospital


“Sanjeevanam” is a project initiated by Sakthi’s Hospital And Research Center, Chennai (S.H.A.R.C) for the purpose of improving the quality of life of HIV positive people. More than improving the quality of life alone for HIV positive people we guarantee to provide a complete transformation from positive to negative literally curing AIDS. After 8 long years of intense literary, pharmacological and clinical research, we have established a stable siddha based antiretroviral therapy (S.A.R.T).

The concept of kayakalpam laid down by siddhars forms the back bone of our ART. Kayakalpam is one of the unique therapeutic formulations in Siddha system advocated for rejuvenation, longevity and elimination of disease causing factors. The ancient concept of kayakalpam is recognized by the modern society and western community in the name of antioxidants.

The patients can generally visualize their result within a couple of months time from the initiation of treatment. For more details contact mobile: 09092915154 and for online consultation mail us at