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About Siddha Quest. Com

Siddha Quest. Com was started in the year 2008 by Dr. K. A. Santhosh Selvam while doing his medical graduation as a portal to promote Traditional Siddha Medicine(TSM) and to share the knowledge on siddha medicinal herbs and its science with the world. Since the launch of portal there has been regular updates to share the latest developments in siddha system of medicine to the online community.

With exponential growth of ailments plaguing mankind led to the search for a ultimate solution offering a complete wellness rather than taking medications daily to stay fit. Thus an impetus for developing and implementing Traditional Siddha Medicine(TSM) was made with the desire to improve the health of mankind. By Traditional Siddha Medicine(TSM) the patient is taken care of physical, emotional and mental spheres which affects the health thereby establishing complete wellness.

About Dr. Santhosh Selvam

Dr. Santhosh Selvam has been associated with the research in developing traditional siddha medicine ever since he joined his post-graduation in S.R.M. School of Public Health at Chennai in 2010. He is board-certified by the Central Council of Indian Medicine( CCIM) based at Delhi and also board-certifed by Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council( TSMC ) based at Chennai, with a post-graduation in Clinical Research.

During the year 2011-14 he has developed special medicines for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus, Anxiety/Depression, Sinusitis, Dust Allergy, Obesity, Appendicitis, HIV and Cancer. In the middle of 2012 he established a stable single dosage formulation for the treatment of Jaundice(icterus).

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Our Achievements

Siddha Ayurveda Medicine for Hernia and

In mid of 2014 formulated a new medicine based on Traditional Siddha Medicine(TSM) principles was made for treating HERNIA and APPENDICITIS patients without any surgical procedures. Proof stating the above claim is posted in the following images where a patient is identified with herniation of inguinal region with a defect measuring 1.1 cm. And after 4 months of treatment the patient had a drastic recovery from 1.1 cm ie. 11 mm to 6.1 mm.

inguinal hernia

siddha-medicine-hernia-appendix-2       siddha-medicine-hernia-appendix-1

Siddha Ayurveda medicine for Kidney Failure and
patients undergoing dialysis

These days there is a rapid increase in patients suffering from renal failure. Currently other than dialysis there are not many options available for renal failure patients. There are two types of dialysis firstly Haemo-dialysis and secondly peritoneal dialysis. The former has to be done in specialized centers where the patient has to stay for few hours till the process completes and all the waste excretory products in blood are removed from blood, in the later method patient can do dialysis at home conveniently. The process of dialysis is very painful process involving installation of fistula and goes on. The Traditional siddha medicine which we offer will be able to remove metabolic waste from blood thereby reducing the serum creatinine and blood urea. Thus the patients can avoid dialysis and live healthy. The medicine will be suitable for patients who have kidney failure and those undergoing dialysis twice or thrice a week. The improved results can be seen within 20-25 days of medicine intake. For more details follow the following link siddha ayurveda medicine for kidney failure patients Contact Dr. Santhosh Selvam Mobile: 0909-291-5154.




Siddha Ayurvedha Medicine for HIV/AIDS


During the year 2013 our anti-HIV formulation was optimized to meet the present day requirements with less diet restrictions. The new version anti-HIV formulation destroys the viral strand along with those cells infected with HIV. For more details about the HIV/AIDS treatment protocol developed by Dr. Santhosh Selvam follow the link click here for siddha ayurvedha medicine for HIV/AIDS. 



siddha-medicine-hiv-aids        siddha-medicine-aids-hiv

History of Siddha Medicine

Siddha medicine is one of the traditional medical system practiced in southern part of India. It has been widely used in India particularly in Tamilnadu. It is one of the ancient system of medicines. This system includes medical therapy by using herbal mineral preparations and also the traditional procedure.  Diseases are classified into 4448 in siddha system of medicine.

Siddha medicine is a boon for chronic ailments like asthma, ulcer, arthritis, diabetes etc., for which allopath doesn’t have permanent cure. Siddha medicine offered for jaundice is capable of  reducing serum bilirubin within 7 days and brings back the serum bilirubin to normal range. Preventive measures are also available. If you have a strong family history of heart attacks, you can take medicine to strengthen your heart and guard it against an attack.

*  Disclaimer:

Results and duration of treatment may vary from person to person depending upon the nature of the body. So talk to the doctor and discuss regarding the nature of the treatment and duration of the treatment.